That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap for season 1 of 2MT! Massive thanks to our guest stars Raewyn Connell, Theresa Petray, Joseph Borlagden, Jordan Mckenzie, Shanthi Robertson and James Arvanitakis. Got an idea/question/request for season 2? You can tweet us @LohmeyerBen and @zoei_sutton or contact us via the contact link on this site.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response to this little initiative and can’t wait to bring you season 2. Thanks for watching!


James Arvanitakis drops some #2minutetruths

James is the Dean of Graduate Research School at the University of Western Sydney. Internationally recognised for his innovative teaching style, James was a former economist and free market advocate, but he changed his position after witnessing child and indentured labour. He has some rad mentors and delivers the crushing truth that none of us are unique snowflakes, but I guess it’s nice that we all suffer equally in the joy of PhD life.


Shanthi Robertson drops some #2minutetruths

Shanthi is a Senior Research Fellow (ARC DECRA) at the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Shanthi was awarded her PhD in International Studies from RMIT University in 2009. Shanthi is currently working on an ARC DECRA project on temporality, mobility and Asian temporary migration to Australia. Shanthi has some encouragement Post-grads and ERCs about their expertise and emotional reactions to negative feedback. She also hints at her work about “cronomobilities” and the experience of time. I googled “cronomobilities” without much success, so I might have spelt that wrong. But the way Shanthi talks about it sounds amazing.

Jordan McKenzie drops some #2minutetruths

Jordan is a lecturer at the University of Wollongong. He got his PhD from Flinders University in 2013 and has also worked as a lecturer at the University of New England. His work critically engages with the current cultural fascination with happiness and the good life in order to better understand how emotional experience reflects modernization and social change. He’s got some decent ideas for how PHDs and ECRs could live, if not the good life then a slightly less stressed existence, though I don’t know about this ‘netflix is not a break’ business…

Joseph Borlagdan drops some #2minutetruths

Joseph Borlagdan is a sociologist in the Research and Policy Centre at the Brotherhood of St Lawrence where he heads up the Education First Youth Foyers research team. Joseph has a PhD in Sociology from Flinders University in 2005. He has also worked for the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) (Research Fellow) and at the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (Senior Researcher). Joseph’s experience outside of the University Sector is pretty choice. In this interview has some hot tips about collaboration, dealing with feedback and policies that create opportunities for young people.

Theresa Petray drops some #2minutetruths

Our second episode is now live! Today’s guest is the brilliant Theresa Petray. Theresa is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Anthropology at James Cook University. She is a Research Fellow of The Cairns Institute, and Theme Leader of the Social & Environmental JusticeGroup Her research focuses on Aboriginal activism and self-determinationand she is committed to using her academic work to contribute to social justice. Theresa reckons you should quit dragging your feet and go see your supervisors…. Right now. Oh and supervisors, if you could introduce your students to the cool people you know and talk them up a tiny bit it would make the whole conference networking thing wayyyyy less awkward. Check it out below!


Raewyn Connell drops some #2minutetruths


Our first microvlog is now live! Raewyn Connell very generously agreed to share some hints and tips for Postgrads and ECRs with 2 minute truths. Check out the clip for some solid insights and maybe even some erotic poetry…. But first, an introduction:

Raewyn is Professor Emerita at University of Sydney. Best known internationally for studies on masculinity, her research interests include the sociology of knowledge, gender relations and gender identity and social change. Raewyn is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, she has received various award. However, recently she has been writing for Post-grads and ERC about writing and conferences. Check it out here: http://www.raewynconnell.netBut seriously, go and read her blog now. It’s great. And funny. Oh, and watch our interview too. Actually, probably do that first then go read her blog.

Enjoy! And look out for a new episode next Monday – plenty of wisdom and life hacks ahead!


Welcome to 2-Minute Truths, a quickfire interview with remarkable academics about their research and academic lives. Each episode features a prominent social scientist sharing tips, tricks and details of their acalives, all in a hot two minutes. It’s quick, dirty, not at all polished but we sure had fun. Check out Season one for tips on mentors, bad habits and maybe even a side of erotic poetry — we’ll be releasing one episode every Monday, right here!

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