Raewyn Connell drops some #2minutetruths


Our first microvlog is now live! Raewyn Connell very generously agreed to share some hints and tips for Postgrads and ECRs with 2 minute truths. Check out the clip for some solid insights and maybe even some erotic poetry…. But first, an introduction:

Raewyn is Professor Emerita at University of Sydney. Best known internationally for studies on masculinity, her research interests include the sociology of knowledge, gender relations and gender identity and social change. Raewyn is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, she has received various award. However, recently she has been writing for Post-grads and ERC about writing and conferences. Check it out here: http://www.raewynconnell.netBut seriously, go and read her blog now. It’s great. And funny. Oh, and watch our interview too. Actually, probably do that first then go read her blog.

Enjoy! And look out for a new episode next Monday – plenty of wisdom and life hacks ahead!

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